3D Printer Startup in Asia Secures Funding — Pirate3D

A nifty little website with the url Pirate3D might have you thinking about the IP and copyright laws currently swirling around the 3D printing industry. That’s where my mind went first anyway. But, if so, then like me you would be wrong!

Pirate3D takes you to another new 3D printing start-up company, due to launch in 66 days, according to the clock counter on the landing page. They’re pretty excited, because they are counting the hours, minutes and seconds until it happens!

Taking a closer look, the guys behind Pirate3D seem to have all of the right credentials — the founders are a quad of friends (three of them since childhood) with backgrounds in technology, business and engineering. They are Roger Chang, Brendan Goh, Tsang You Jun and Prof Neo Kok Beng and they are all excited by 3D printing. However, over a six month period of playing with and seriously testing commercially available entry-level 3D printers, disillusionment (not to mention some hair loss) kicked in. In that time they claim to have found 674 identifiable problems with the printers, decided they could do better and conceived Pirate3D.

There are no specific specs available on the printer that is coming in approximately 2 months — apart from the name — but there is obviously something of substance behind the website, as evidenced by venture capitalists Red Dot Ventures, based close by in Singapore, investing US$482K into the start-up.

Can’t surprise you too much to learn that the name of the inaugural 3D printer from Pirate3D is …… Buccaneer!? It’s at the prototype stage, and will be with us soon, on the proviso that there are no delays.

Source: Pirate3D