Facebook Head of Retail Joins MyMiniFactory Board

As the ever-expanding 3D printables community, MyMiniFactory, preps for its equity crowdfunding campaign, the UK-based company has added an important player to its board of directors. Nicholas Franchet, the current head of retail and e-commerce for Facebook, has joined the company, publishing the following video for the site.

Franchet indicates an understanding of the emerging importance that 3D printing will have for retail. For this reason, it’s important for a company that relies so heavily on advertising, like Facebook, to secure a firm partner in this space. Interestingly, Facebook has been the first social media site to allow for 3D embeds, further preparing itself for the 3D ecosystem that will be shaped in the next couple of years, partially by the Facebook-owned VR headset, the Oculus Rift. In the not too distant future, users will be immersed in a 3D world populated by purchasable models that can be 3D printed locally.

Given the number of community members and models on MyMiniFactory, Franchet couldn’t have chosen a better company to join. MMF already produces some of the most exciting and unique models of any 3D printables site, with the MMY Academy training artists to create such models as fully 3D printed guitars and skateboards. And, as MMF gets set to launch its Seedrs campaign September 1st, we may see the company steer the future of 3D printables.