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3D Print a Custom Penny Board for Pennies

MyMiniFactory’s Simone Fontana has been previously covered on 3DPI for his awesome and fun 3D printable designs, which range from finger hockey to Connect 4. As Davide points out in his profile of Simone, this is one artist who can create very practical designs for really fun applications. And his latest project takes the cake for using 3D printing to produce something that you can actually play with IRL: a 3D printed Penny Board.

3D printed penny board

As you’ll see in the video below, Simone breaks the board up into five pieces and, with a series of metal rods and 3D printed pegs, the Penny Board is easily assembled into a single piece, like a piece of IKEA furniture (are you listening, IKEA??). Then, with store-bought wheels, he has a fully functional skateboard.

Of course, some of the parts need to be printed with a pretty solid infill.  The pins, Simone suggests, should be printed at 100%, while the back portion should be printed at 75% to 100%, as a lot of your weight will be distributed there.  For the other pieces, he suggests a wide range from 25% to 100%.  There are no support structures needed, which is a relief, and the size of the bars for connected the pieces together are two 43 cm long bars and one 45 cm bar, all 6.4 mm in diameter.

Interestingly, you can purchase your own custom Penny Board for somewhere in the range of $120.  This, however, will be much cheaper and open up the customization options greatly.  MyMiniFactory, once again ventures into the realm of questionable IP, while also providing awesome designs to the public.  And Simone once again wows the world with models that make you want to ollie all over your living room.