Artec 3D Launches Studio 10 Software for Quicker, Easier, More Accurate 3D Scanning

Along with their new Space Spider scanner, leading manufacturer and developer of 3D hardware and software Artec 3D has also announced the release of Studio 10, a comprehensive software suite compatible with their Spider, Eva, and Space Spider scanners. Studio 10 features a more user-friendly interface allowing for an easier, more accurate, and faster scanning process.


Studio 10 simplifies the process of both capturing and editing 3D data. Users are able to control tracking, even when the scanner is turned or shaken and, even if the user makes larger movements that normally would disrupt the scan, continuous algorithms will automatically adjust and pick up where the scan has left off. Artec’s Tracking Alignment Correction will automatically identify difficult scanning areas and realign scans during the process, reducing the time needed for post-processing data.

When the user is involved in post-processing, alignment algorithms help create highly accurate 3D models much faster and simpler. Complicated missing texture data is automatically predicted, reproduced and filled in, making the texture editing process much easier. Also, when photogrammetry solutions are used, the user can automatically remove targets.

According to the company, some of the new features of Studio 10 include:

  • “Powerful algorithms to maintain total control of tracking
  • Automatic scan alignment correction during scanning
  • Texture color mapping is five times faster than previous versions
  • Boosted auto-alignment and non-rigid global alignment capabilities
  • Mesh simplification is now up to 90 per cent faster than before
  • More texture editing tools
  • Compatibility with Kinect V2 and Intel F200″

Artec 3D is beaming about their new software, with President and CEO Artyom Yukhin saying, “We’re committed to providing users access to the latest advances in 3D scanning technology and giving professionals the flexibility and customization they want to ensure the most enjoyable scanning experience possible. Artec Studio 10 is the perfect complement to our high-quality scanners, giving users complete control of the scanning process to produce the most accurate results possible in a timely manner.”

Artec Studio 10 is available in Professional and Ultimate editions, both of which are compatible with all three Artec 3D scanners. The Professional version is available as a one-time purchase or through a yearly subscription, which allows  user sto take advantage of any upgrades throughout the year. The Ultimate edition is available by subscription only and, along with Artec scanners, is also compatible with a variety of sensors, including Kinect for Windows V2, Intel F200 (IVCAM), and ASUS Xtion.


Existing customers can take advantage of special upgrade terms now through August 1, 2015. Also, schools, colleges, and universities using the older edition will be upgraded at no cost.  And, if your just now considering the software, a free 30-day trial is available by download after registering online at my.artec3d.com.