3DPI.TV – Mixing Two Colors with Builder 3D Printer

Builder, a Netherlands based 3D printer manufacturer, introduced a new element to its Builder and Big Builder line of single-extruder dual-filament FFF 3D printers. They have developed a new evolution of its original FFF technology to allow for mixing two colors during prints. The Builder “Dual-Feed” system already allowed users to print with two different colour PLA filaments through a single extruder, one colour at a time. Now it is possible to extrude both colours at the same time, mixing them to form cool visual effects on the 3D printed items.

For example, a cup printed in yellow and red filament, might have a red bottom that goes progressively to orange and then shifts to yellow as it reaches the top (or vice versa). Mixing the colours can be done with a digital slider that regulates the percentage of colour to be extruded: for example it could be set to 40% yellow and 60% red.

The entire process is done digitally and is then used to create the new colour mixed G-code. All you need to do is upload your G-code file into the Builder’s color-mix-generator web page, set the two sliders and then download the updated color-mixed G-code.