3D Printing Store iMakr on BBC, Tuesday

iMakr, London’s first, though now apparently not sole, 3D printing Store – which lays a rightful claim to also be the world’s largest – will be on show this Tuesday on BBC Breakfast, BBC1: probably the world’s most famous TV channel.

iMakr have just announced a pop-up shop at Selfridges, an elite London shopping outlet world famous in it’s own right, detailed on Saturday here at 3DPI. As well as purchasing, or merely marveling at, 3D printers, customers will also be able to 3D-scan themselves for a personalized 3D-printed model.

3DPI’s own famous 3D printing entity, Rachel Park (who will be beating me for referring to her as an entity when she returns from her holidays), caught the opening of the store in person at the start of May. Her overview being a very worthwhile read for those new to founder Sylvain Preumont’s project.

I’ll leave you with Christopher Barnatt, whose futurological ponderings have earned a cult following over in the land of YouTube, with one of his video’s passing half a million hits, his iMakr video article featuring on your favourite ‘acronym sounds like a 3D-Printed Raspberry Pi’ publication, here.