Selfridges 3DP Store & UK 3DP Jobs

World famous Selfridges, London, will be incorporating an iMakr store. iMakr, UK’s first 3D printing store, still the world’s largest known to 3DPI, have recently joined the hundreds of companies attempting to garner a share of the 3D-printable file platform with their MyMiniFactory.com site. Now, their pop-up store points to an ongoing strategy of rapid expansion in a quest to dominate 3DP in the UK.

The store will ‘go live’ on the 24th of October, retaining it’s store space to the end of 2013, indicating thoughts of Christmas presents for technology enthusiasts, and those enthralled by the wide media attention that 3D printing has received over the past year.

selfridges iMakr 3D PrintingThe store, which will be housed on the Ground Floor, will feature iMakr’s impressive range, which has surprised this writer for one: It includes some of the world’s least known, but most cost effective, brands, such as China’s cheeky mBot, who produce ‘possibly-a-bit-like-MakerBot‘ printers such as their new Cube 2 and 3D Art from a selection of quality designers.

The past year has seen personalized models galore, from Star Trek to Star Wars to Predator to dolls (you can tell I’m male with the order that was written… the wondrous dolls of innovative UK company Makielab were the first to break the mold on this one. They are also very successful, recently made their 100,000th doll) so it is little surprise, but certainly a pleasure, to hear that a body size 3D scanning installation will also be present.

Anyone in-store can make a full color 3D-printed miniature of themselves. The 3D miniature models will cost £50 – £200 depending on size after a 10 second full body 3D scan and 24 – 48 wait to pick up the end result.

Sylvain Preumont, founder and director at iMakr, states:

“Since the opening of iMakr Store, two months ago, we have received numerous requests for partnership. I’m delighted to bring 3D Printing in Selfridges, an iconic, vibrant, luxurious and innovative department store.”

Whilst on the subject of iMakr, the company is hiring. I’ll close with a list of their currently available full-time positions for anyone wishing to join the 3D printing industry:

Creative Director: You have strong designer skills, you are imaginative, hard worker and can inspire other designers.

Sales Assistant: Position based at iMakr Store, passion for 3D Printing and great customer service skills required.

Customer Support: Based at our main office, near Liverpool Street: good organization skills and capacity to work well under pressure required.

Developer: Based at our main office: PhP, mySQL, hard worker and capacity to meet deadlines.

Consultant: Based at our main office: You will assist companies and industries adopt and integrate 3D printing into their business for sustainable competitive advantage.

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