3D Printer World Expo

The world of 3D printing is growing tremendously in almost every arena.  Not only are there more and more 3D printer manufacturers, online and physical 3DP stores, and designers focused on additive manufacturing, but the conferences related to 3D printing are multiplying, as well.  The latest is the 3D Printer World Expo in Burbank, CA, which be taking place at the end of this month, specifically January 31 and February 1.

The 3D Printer World Expo will include different pavilions geared towards specific 3D printing applications: medicine, art, architecture, and natural history.  Unlike Rachel, I wasn’t able to make it to 3D Printshow, which also had pavilions set up, so it’ll be exciting to hear representatives from Organovo talk 3D bioprinting at the 3D Printer World Medical Center and Emerging Objects/ExOne discuss 3D-printed structures at the architecture station.  Crea Zaurus, which also made an appearance at 3D Printshow, will be there, too, to demonstrate the technology’s relevance in the fields of paleontology and museum curation.

There will be many speakers there that you may have heard of, plus some new names.  Jason Lopes, of Legacy Effects, will present expo patrons with his stunning display of 3D-printed Hollywood props, perhaps not dissimilar from his talk at CES.  Mick Ebeling, who Nancy just wrote about, will discuss how Not Impossible Labs has encouraged a 3DP prosthetic revolution in Sudan.  Diego Porqueras, the head of Deezmaker and one of the people responsible for getting me involved in 3D printing, is going to be there, too, to talk about Pasadena’s very own 3D printer retailer.

Some of the speakers you may not be familiar with include Matt Bennett from Gemvision, who will discuss the growing 3D-printed jewelry market; Travis Good, the president of Change Hive, a non-profit focused on self-directed learning; and the CEO of Invent-A-Part/RigidBot, Michael Lundwall, will discuss the benefits and pitfalls of crowdfunding. The lecture series will also feature representatives from companies like DreamWorks and Pixologic.

Giveaway 3D Printers 3D Printer World Expo3D Printer World has added an interesting element to their expo that combines the charity of Oprah Winfrey and the madness of Crazy Hubb’s Used Car Dealership. The expo will see one 3D printer given away every hour.  In addition to the printer giveaways, there will be a design contest, a ZBrush sculpt-off, and a MatterHackers gift card giveaway, too.  As Crazy Hubb would say, “So, C’mon down!”

For a full list of the speakers and exhibitors, and to purchase tickets, click here.  If you’ve ever wanted to experience a simulation of schizophrenia, watch the promo for the show below.  You’ll hear two distinct male voices fluidly flow into one another in such a way as to suggest that the NSA is listening to your thoughts through your fillings.