YouChain's 3D Printed Customizable Key Chains

Today brings us another take on one of the most relevant aspects regarding 3D printing’s actual value-adding potential to the consumer market – personalization. YouChain is a customizable key chain project from two German 3D printing tech/design individuals looking to enter the world of 3D printing via a simple everyday application. Seeking funding via IndieGoGo the key chains are offered in either plastic (black or white), elastoplastic or in stainless steel. The fundamental element of the key chain – the customizable text – can be applied in three different fonts.

To consume some more detailed information about the project, here’s a Prezi-powered presentation of the YouChain, which suitably plays on the general 3D printing’s personalization vs mass production theme.

As far as the prices go, 17-20€ (not including shipping) will get the backer a plastic keychain, 25€ for the elastoplastic material option and 45€ for the stainless steel one.

So, as key chains go, the economics of 3D printing are not quite there yet it seems!

After seeing the YouChain models I had a bit of a déjà vu moment, which after a quick browsing session on Thingiverse and finding this model were quite understandable. There are also similar options for those unequipped with their own personal 3D printers, such as this keychain sold at Shapeways. So, perhaps not the most unique approach from YouChain.