3D Systems Features on Fortune’s 100 Fastest-Growing Companies List for 2nd Consecutive Year

For the second year in a row, 3D printing giant, 3D Systems has made Fortune Magazine’s 2013 list of the fastest-growing companies. Ranking second in the tech category and fifth overall out of the 100 global companies listed, 2013 sees the company improve its rankings over the previous year. Interesting that Fortune points out that even in stagnant times, certain companies thrive, and the annual list of high achievers shines the spotlight on the most vibrant parts of our global economy. Indeed, throughout even the hardest years of the recent global recession, the 3D printing industry withstood the tidal forces well, largely, I believe, because of the vertical sectors where it had made an impact, notably automotive, aerospace, medical and healthcare. These industries, while affected by the recession, do not hold back on R&D, even when costs are cut in other areas.

In terms of 3D Systems’ activities over the last 12 months and its presence on the list, Fortune notes: “Additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, is being increasingly used to create cost-effective models and real parts for machines and end-use products.  3D Systems designs and sells printers and associated materials and services for both home and commercial use. In mid-2012 it doubled its R&D expenditures and improved marketing to expand its products and boost sales. Those efforts seem to be paying off.”

In response to the listing, Avi Reichental, President and CEO of 3D Systems, commented: “We are honored to have made this prestigious list for the second year in a row, moving up from 12th to 5th place along with some of the largest and most celebrated companies in the world. It has been a true team effort by our global teammates, partners and supporters to deliver the results that earned this esteemed recognition.”