Yobi3D is Google for 3D Printable Content

In the plethora of 3D printable websites out there, we’ve been awaiting one site to rule them all.  Yobi3D may be that site.  By entering a search term, Yobi3D pours over the 3D printable content across the web looking for the search term that you’ve chosen, acting as the Google of the 3D printable world.

yobi3D 3D printable search

Yobi3D’s CEO and founder, Jessy Lee, explains, “I was really amazed with how mature web browsers have become in rendering 3D graphics.” And, as the engine picks up more and more content across the internet, the site will only grow, with Lee saying, “We are still developing our technology and finding more potential users.”


Spend some time searching through the site to see what you can find.  I found a French Bulldog.