Voxeljet Supports Young Talent

Finding the right people with the right qualifications is a challenge for any company, regardless of their respective industry. German 3D printer manufacturer, Voxeljet Technology, has taken matters into their own hands and has started direct initiatives with the International School in Augsburg (ISA).  Voxeljet donated a 3D printer to the school, for students to familiarize themselves with the technology and the future potential of 3D printing as a career option.

Voxeljet and ISA article imageBy doing this Voxeljet is aiming to reduce the risk of labour shortages in the future and ensure a steady stream of qualified people graduating from the school. Using one of their own 3D printers is is a great way to encourage students to learn what can be done with the latest machines and promote the career opportunities within the 3D printing industry.  Voxeljet is at the forefront of creating innovative solutions and has first hand exposure on where the industry is heading. Transferring that knowledge and excitement to potential future employees is clearly a worthwhile investment.

The ISA school is behind the initiative and Managing Director Marcus Wagner is pleased with how it is developing: “This printer provides the school with a special tool to offer pupils insights into design practice. This can create enthusiasm for future fields of study that require extensive knowledge in mathematics, informatics, natural sciences and technology. Germany and Europe need well-qualified young talent, particularly in the MINT areas, to remain competitive at a global level.”

Voxeljet and ISA article image 2ISA is now including the new printer in their teaching programme for natural science subjects. The school is planning to include the use of entry level 3D software such as Google Sketchup as part of the theoretical design courses. The students’ creations will also be 3D printed and examined as a real life object.



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