Form 1 3D Printer Enters Full Production

The Form 1 3D printer, from Formlabs, which broke all previous 3D printing funding records on Kickstarter last year, has entered full production. During the past few months the team has focused on ensuring the supply chain is fully in place, while finalizing other details on the actual 3D printer to ensure maximum performance. After several improvement rounds, testing and revisions, the Formlabs team is finally ready, and has ordered tens of thousands of parts in order to build their first 1,000 printers!

The plan is crystal clear: ensure the quality of the Form 1 3D printer, which obviously requires more intensive testing for the first production batch. From there on the delivery dates can be set, which at the moment looks like end of April, for those who pledged through Kickstarter. Backers are advised to keep a close eye on their email accounts used to pledge at Kickstarter, as a personalized coupon for registering your shipment will be sent soon.

For any readers just being introduced to the Form 1 3D printer, it’s a new 3D printer from Formlabs, founded by three MIT Media Labs graduates, Maxim Lobovsky, David Cranor and Natan Linder, who all shared a passion for creating a high resolution, low cost 3D printer that utilizes the Stereolithography (SL) process. In addition Form 1 incorporates proprietary Form software, custom-formulated resin materials and the Form Finish post-processing kit, a requirement for 3D printing with SL technology. According to Formlabs this combines to bring the market a complete, easy to use, professional 3D printing solution that is “as easy as pushing a button.” Definitely an interesting set up.

Formlabs hit the news not only with their record breaking Kickstarer campaign, but also a controversial patent infringement lawsuit with 3D Systems. Nevertheless, it is definitely good news that the Form 1 3D Printer is on its way and the number of makers waiting with a great deal of anticipation, will soon be rewarded for their faith and patience.


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