3D Systems Files Lawsuit Against Formlabs and Kickstarter

3D Systems Corporation has made it known that it has brought  a suit in the Federal District Court of South Carolina, Rock Hill division, against Formlabs, Inc. and Kickstarter, Inc. The company is seeking injunctive relief and damages for infringement of one of its patents relating to the stereolithography (SLA) process.

3D Systems’ complaint asserts that the sale and use of the Form 1 3D printers sold by Formlabs and Kickstarter infringe a still active U.S. patent relating to SLA. Formlabs sold the Form 1 3D printers to backers of its Kickstarter campaign in September and October 2012.

According to Andrew Johnson, General Counsel of 3D Systems: “Although Formlabs has publicly stated that certain patents have expired, 3D Systems believes the Form 1 3D printer infringes at least one of our patents, and we intend to enforce our patent rights.”

Source: 3D Systems Corporation