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Anatomica di Revolutis – Amazing 3D Printed Arts Project on Kickstarter

Joshua Harker, the artist behind the most highly funded Kickstarter scuplture project in history – Crania Anatomica – is back with another crowdsourcing-oriented creation called Anatomica di Revolutis. This latest project is amazingly intricate with downright unbelievable attention do detail – the wings alone contain 75 mechanical moving pieces. But you don’t have to take just my word for it – watch Joshua showcase this project for yourself in the video below.

Even though Crania Anatomica raised more than $77k on Kickstarter, Joshua remains humble – one might even say pessimistic – when it comes to the monetary goals for his newest and highly ambitious arts project. The pledge goal was initially set to a mere $500, which not surprisingly was quickly reached and passed – the current figure (at time of writing) is at $22k, with over a month still to go. The piece itself reflects the developing 3rd industrial revolution and at least based on these quite impressive figures, the revolution in question might be closer to reality than one might even dare to suspect.

There are several pledge levels with varying rewards, depending on the size of your wallet – from the $5 Origami Skull Cube Puzzle (featured in the image gallery below) to the $5,000 hand painted edition of the Anatomica di Revolutis – with all the bells and whistles to go with it. If you’re still not sure if this project is worthy of a pledge, then why not watch some still, yet beautiful images of the project in the gallery below.

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Source: Kickstarter