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Mykita's Laser Sintered Specs – The Mylon Collection

Mykita’s Mylon eyewear collection boasts the beginning of a new niche in the world of shaded specs – customised luxury sports fashion. This new brand is something that is likely to appeal to this crowd with a keen sense for personal branding. The frames are produced using a polyamide-based material using the selective laser sintering (SLS) additive process and, which thus introduces the capability personalising each and every pair. For instance, they can be shaped according to the precise measurements of the wearer and aesthetically customised according to personal taste. This advanced material bears the name of the whole collection – Mykita.

Mykita Mylon NovaTwo months ago we reported on a different take on 3D printed eyewear and I suspect that the Mylon collection will not be the last piece of news in this sector. The personalisation aspect accompanied with the endless structural design possibilities that 3D printing brings to the world of fashion is potentially a huge growth area for 3D printing technology and a fascinating one to watch. It is currently still a niche area but with more and more talented designers working with the technology we are excited to watch the developments and the new applications as they continue to emerge. If you are involved with, or know of any exciting new 3D printing fashion applications, please get in touch with one of the 3DPI team or tell us about it in the comments section below.

Mykita Mylon Combo

Source: Mykita

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