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Life Through A Pixelated View – 3D Printed Eyewear

Being able to see pixels in the age of high-res displays is rarely considered to be a positive, but in the world of fashion the tables are often turned. Targeting a retro loving hipster crowd, San Francisco based company Protos Eyewear is offering glasses that take the play on the 8-bit theme, and take it one step further.

The latest collection creation of designer eyewear, resembling Lego, is the spec-tacular result of using 3D printing technology in combination with a keen eye for fashion. With this line, Protos Eyewear also claims the title as the first company that brings the third dimension into the world of street creditable sunglasses.

Protos 3d printed glasses pair

As the pixels are brought to life from the dusty CRT’s Mario Bros world, the real world does require some scaling in addition to the inevitable materialization process. The company’s answer to this is DPI – Dots Per Inch – which in the game called life means something in the range of 12-72.

The cool factor is undeniable, as early adopters like Corey Hart are more than willing to spread the message of these 1980/2012 shades to the masses: “When you see these in person they truly are amazing as you really think that they are inconceivable when you first look at the photos of them but in real life these cube like shades are the coolest thing I have ever purchased. It’s a minecraft lovers wet dream.”

As the turbulence in consumer targeted 3D printed apparel is more apparent every passing day, we are more than excited to see what other companies are bringing to the table next to up the ante!

About Protos:
Protoseyewear.com designs and prints 3D printed sunglasses. They are the first company to create 3D printed pixelated designs and are headquartered in San Francisco, California.

Source: PRWeb, ProtosEyewear