UCreate3D – 3D Printed Custom Smartphone Cases

UCreate3D is going strong with their Indiegogo campaign to source $20,000 funding for bringing customizable, high quality and 3D Printed cases with switchable panels to our doorstep.

The various selection of rigid cases for smartphones and tablets that can be quickly personalized using 3D printing technology. Not just for one brand or model, but for every model available in the market!

The two Dutch gentlemen behind the UCreate3D project, Koen Munneke and Vincent van de Poll, have already raised over $15,000 of their goal, with little over 20 days to go before the deadline.

Within their Indiegogo campaign UCreate3D offers options for individual funders to participate and be amongst the first to receive the products. The investment options scale between $10 minimum input to participate all the way to $1500 to become their angel investor hero and to receive a limited edition case once a year for the rest of your life. Jump in with $39 receive a smartphone case and $79 for a tablet case.

The Dutch duo has a passion for quality, and their secret is premium materials. After the case has been 3D Printed three additional layers are applied: a special base coat, layer of paint, and a strong high end coating, which originates from the car industry.

Users have the ability to customize their own smartphone and tablet device cases with an image and text. The cases are built from two pieces: a frame that covers the sides and a back panel, so that the user can make changes on the back panel easily by designing several panels (currently 7 colors available). Both the frame and the back panel can be personalized.

As always in Indiegogo, the early bird catches the worm. The participation options have limited seats.

UCreate3D Process