Dynamic Z – A 3D Printing Store in Tampa, Florida

3D printing retail outlets are popping up at an increasing rate around the globle. There are plans afoot for another one, this time in Tampa Bay in Florida – but first the team behind the plans for this service-oriented bricks and mortar store are seeking crowd funding on Indiegogo.

According to the campaign pitch Dynamic Z will combine 3D scanning, powerful computer workstations, and 3D printers — consumer and prosumer — to offer a broad service to its clientele for the creation of “a nearly unlimited range of printable items.” In real terms this is marketing speak for anything that will fit on the machine and is made of plastic – but that aside this is a well-intentioned plan opening up 3D printing and associated 3D tech and its potential to a wider audience in a new geographic area.

Dynamic Z Plan

The full service offering from Dynamic Z will include:

• Professional 3D scanning

• Professional Grade 3D printing (either Stratasys Mojo or Mcor, both of which offer leasing options)

• Consumer Grade 3D printing (Makerbot, Ultimaker etc)

• Use of workstation computers (PC and Mac) for high end 3D modelling programs

• An inventory of 3D printed goods for sale

• Order fulfillment shipped remotely via our website, so you don’t have to be a local to purchase items.

• Filament and spare parts supplies for local 3D printer owners.

• A full ranging catalogue of useful items anyone can have printed. The catalog itself will be custom created and will feature the most useful items. We will constantly be improving upon it to highlight the most popular or requested items.

However, it is also good to note that this offering will not be static and the remit of Dynamic Z will include collaboration, outreach and education. Live video feeds of prints will be viewable online together with youtube demonstrations of featured projects. The store will host a research and testing area to experiment with all of the new types of processes and materials being developed as well as a monthly meet-up for 3D printer owners and enthusiasts to discuss new technologies and how to make the store’s presence mutually beneficial. The intention also exists to offer low-cost or free 3D models to educators from time to time together with field trips to the store to engage a new generation of 3D enthusiasts.

Interestingly, Dynamic Z does take the time to differentiate itself from fablabs and makerspaces, commenting “We believe that those types of places are great for hobbyists, but they aren’t easy to be involved in without prior understanding of 3D printing and making things. The idea of Dynamic Z is specifically to expand the audience of 3D printing to an entire range of new customers by utilizing a custom catalog and educational tools.”

The Indiegogo campaign is new and looking for support. Seeking $28,000 it will run until the end of May.

The campaign video gives a visual insight into what the guys are trying to do, take a look and see if it is something you may support:

Source: Dynamic Z Indiegogo

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