Titan Robotics Introduces Even Bigger Atlas 2.0 3D Printer

Of the many rapidly expanding segments of the 3D printing world, few have experienced as much recent growth as that of large-scale 3D printers. We are starting to see increased quality and significantly reduced cost at the consumer level, professional level, and even at the industrial scale. Titan Robotics looks to continue this trend with the follow-up to their successful Atlas 3D printer by announcing the eminent release of the Atlas 2.0.

titan robotics Atlas 2.0 3D printer open

The Atlas 2.0 improves on it’s predecessor by increasing the build volume from 30″ x 30″x 48″ to 36″ x 36″x 45″. In addition to the large volume, the Atlas 2.0 is a truly powerful machine designed specifically for industrial scale production. One of the most important additions to the Atlas 2.0 is an optional heated steel enclosure which allows for temperatures to remain at up to 85º inside of the enclosure. This is massively important when it comes to printing with ABS, as Titan CEO and Founder Clay Guillory explains, “Our customers need these machines for industrial production capabilities with ABS, and we provided a real solution to creating large format ABS parts without warping at any height.”

In addition to the large build volume, The Atlas 2.0 boasts:

  • titan robotics Atlas 2.0 3D printer printA heated build plate
  • A welded and machines steel frame
  • Excellent construction and calibration
  • Guaranteed repeatability or + – .002″
  • Moving table design
  • Prints ABS, PLA, PETG, Nylon, TPE, Ninjaflex and more
  • Size 15mm profiled linear rails and preloaded runner blocks
  • Bulldog XL extruder capable of using 3mm filament
  • Hexagon hot end with a .7mm nozzle (swappable form .4mm-.1mm
  • 350w or 450w power supply
  • 2 days of installation with 1 year warranty on all parts
  • Unlimited free customer service
  • optional dual extruder
  • optional metal enclosure
  • optional Yawasaka Closed loop AC Servo
  • optional 25.4mm of stroke on each axis

At $24,000, this is not for the average 3D printing hobbyist, but the price tag is reduced significantly for what a printer of similar quality would have cost just a couple of years ago. With companies like Titan Robotics playing an important role, we will continue to see this trend. Titan Robotics is based in Colorado and their focus is on large format 3D Printers. Clay Guillory, who founded Titan Robotics out of his garage, felt that, “In todays market, it is impossible to find large format 3D printers for an affordable price. Also, we got tired of seeing low quality 3D printers that breakdown or fail after a short amount of time. So we decided to build our own.”

Titan Robotics will be showcasing the Atlas 2.0 this year at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas January 6-9th. For more information on Titan Robotics and the Atlas 2.0 check out titan3drobotics.com.