3Doodler Awards Show What 3D Art is All About

The first ever 3Doodler Awards is drawing to a close, and judging by some of the finalists, it is really incredible what talented people arable to make with this device. Especially considering that I just has a chance to try it and nothing I could make even came close to something remotely acceptable.

With over 200 entries, the level of participation was truly significant, and shows that 3D printing pens are truly one of the most accessible 3D technologies out there, not just for the price. Some of the artists created truly dynamic designs and breathtaking levels of precision.

The 3Doodler Team has selected 6 final submissions from each category. These submissions have now been passed along to the panel of judges for review. The winners (and runners up) will be announced on December 17th. Here are some of the most impressive ones to choose from.