Stratasys Buys Out Japanese Partner Fasotec

Stratasys is quickly trying to establish a firm foundation in the Asia-Pacific region. After doing a significant amount of business in China, approximately a quarter of their sales, and opening an office in Singapore, the industry leader has made moves to secure control over their Japanese operations by exercising their option to acquire Fasotec minority interest in Stratasys Japan.

Stratasys Asia Pacific, a subsidiary of Stratasys Ltd, announced last week that it had informed Fasotec, the Japanese 3D scanning and printing company made famous for printing models of unborn babies, of its intent to purchase the remaining holdings of Fasotec in Stratasys Japan, as outlined in a joint venture agreement between the two companies. Stratasys Japan, then, will become wholly owned and operated by Stratasys Ltd.

The decision to acquire full control over the subsidiary’s installed base and related service contracts stems from a belief in the future of 3D printing in Japan, with General Manager of Stratasys AP, Jonathan Jaglom, saying, “We witness strong growth in the 3D printing market in Japan. Stratasys is positioned to invest more on infrastructure in order to build awareness and a strong foundation to support our customers, partners and the industry. We wish to sincerely thank our partner, Fasotec, for their years of commitment in the partnership, which helped create new opportunities in the market for us.

Source: The Jakarta Post