Sinterit Lisa hit the Italian Market

The new and affordable SLS Polish printer lands from May 2016 in the Italian market.

The first international distribution agreement signed by ShareMind with the emerging company Sinterit, based in Krakow, will enable the Italian companies to access to a professional solution for printing small number of mechanical parts using selective sintering. This technology , until recently an exclusive prerogative of companies with substantial financial resources becomes, thanks to the small LISA available to everyone.

sinterit lisa sls 3D printer 3D prints

The stylish, desktop sized printer is equipped with a hot piston, cylinder, bed and feeder and can produce up to 20cm3/h with a minimum layer of 0,06 mm (60 microns).

The molded objects, realized in PA12 , exhibit excellent finishing qualities and an high mechanical strength, and are suitable for making functional parts and artistic prototypes.

Sinterit Lisa SLS