Robots and 3D Printing Unite at NYC's First RoboUniverse

As exciting as 3D printing is, our favorite technology would be nothing without the larger field of robotics.  And MecklerMedia, the company behind the world’s largest 3D printing convention series, Inside 3D Printing, has begun the development of its own series of conventions devoted to robots, RoboUniverse.  The first ever RoboUniverse will take place from May 11-13 at the Javits Convention Center, providing New York City with is the largest exhibition for service robots.  In addition to a wide variety of truly exciting robots, also present at the event will be Voxel8, the manufacturer of the first multi-material electronics 3D printer, a perfect example of how 3D printing and robotics converge.

baxter-robot-in-GE's-3D-printing-labI can honestly say that I’m psyched about this new event series.  At RoboUniverse, attendees will get a look at all of the cutting edge robots currently being developed, from the friendly and helpful Baxter robot of Rethink Robotics, to the increasingly ubiquitous industrial robot arms of Universal Robots. There will be consumer-friendly, printable robots; soft robots; robot parts, helpful robots.  There will even be – and this I’m really excited about – driverless cars. With the Driverless Car Convention on May 12, the RoboUniverse will be paving the road towards a hyper efficient world without traffic jams or accidents filled with sustainably powered public transportation.

Voxel8 3D printed quad copter with electronics
The, now famous, Voxel8 3D printed quadcopter, displayed at CES.

And, while companies like NewBotic Corporation and EZ-Robot will be there on the exhibition floor, Voxel8 Co-Founder and Lead Software Engineer Jack Minardi will be leading a session on 3D printing and robotics specifically. Not only will Minardi surely discuss Voxel8’s own technology, which can 3D print PLA with conductive ink for the construction of drones, but he’ll go into depth about how the two technologies are symbiotic and will become one in the future.

This is only the beginning for the RoboUniverse expo, as it hits up Seoul from June 24-26, Japan from October 7-10, and San Diego from December 14-16.  And, if it’s anything like MecklerMedia’s Inside 3D Printing show, the RoboUniverse will continue to expand next year.  Maybe if I play my cards right, I’ll get the opportunity to attend myself! If  you’re thinking of doing the same, head over to the RoboUniverse page and register.