Paweł Ślusarczyk Steps Down as Editor of CD3D and 3D Printing Center

Centrum Druku 3D is the largest and most widely read Polish language 3D printing news site, with its own English-language news site 3D Printing Center. Founded by Paweł Ślusarczyk, the site is a great source of news for the developments taking place in Poland’s very exciting 3D printing scene, which boasts such successful brands as Zortrax, Zmorph, and 3DGence.  Now, it seems that the site has become so successful that Paweł has had to step down from his post as Editor-in-Chief so that he can focus on the site’s business development.

Ślusarczyk, who remains CEO of the company, has made the decision in order to make time for the business side of CD3D, which provides consulting, advisory services, training, and PR, as well as event and conference organization. Therefore, to ensure that all of these areas are attended to properly for further development, he will focus on business development.

Paweł said of the decision (translated from Polish), “Serwis Centrum Druku 3D was established in early 2013 as a regular blog which focuses primarily on low-cost 3D printers. Today, it is a big industry portal and real compendium of knowledge for individuals or companies wishing to enter the world of technology incremental. The culmination of one phase of the service was the launch of the English version [of the site] – 3D Printing Center.” He continues, “At the same time we began to rapidly grow as a company specializing in consulting, PR and event organizers. I realized that at any moment I will not be able to target as effectively all areas of our business – hence the decision to focus primarily on the business area. Targeting sites gives a person who has a lot more responsibility in this respect from me.”

To replace Paweł as Editor-in-Chief, the site says that they are going to hire an experienced journalist, though the announcement of who that will be has not yet been made.