Onyx is Singapore's Latest Desktop 3D Printer

A new desktop 3D printer manufacturer from Singapore has made itself known.  Alongside Pirate3D with their Buccaneer and Portabee with their Go 3D printers, you can now count 3dee Creations among personal fabricator fabricators from the country, which has just announced the release of the Onyx 3D printer.

onyx 3D printer on desk

Onyx is polished looking FFF/FDM machine with a build volume of 200 x 200 x 200 mm (roughly 8″x 8″x 8″) and layer thicknesses of 10 microns, which, if true, is unheard of among low-cost FFF 3D printers.  The company’s site later describes “layer to layer resolution” to be 100 microns, which is more typical with FFF machines.

With a heated print bed, the Onyx is capable of printing with ABS, PLA, and a variety of other filaments that 3dee plans to sell in their own shop, like nylon and wood-composite.  Onyx features an LCD screen with an SD card reader for untethered printing.  The printer also boasts print speeds of 250 mm/s and precision positioning of 12.5 microns on the Z-axis and 2.5 on the X and Y axes. And all of this is available for pre-order at $1,688.

3D prints from Onyx 3D printer

The Onyx looks to be a nice addition to the desktop 3D printer market and fits in well among Singapore’s other low-cost machines.  The prints on their site are easy on the eyes and suggest a fine level of detail, or some good post-processing.  As with any new 3D printer, I maintain reservations until the verdict is in from consumers on whether or not the printers work well and the customer service is attentive and helpful.  For now, though, the Onyx has a good deal of potential.