Ohio’s Tangible Solutions is the Latest 3D Printing Success Story

Like so many 3D printing companies, Beavercreek, Ohio’s Tangible Solutions was started in a garage by a couple of friends who wanted to turn something that they loved into a business. And within the space of a year the fledgling 3D printing company has already graduated to a new 2,000 square foot facility.

Tangible Solutions was founded by Charlie Fox, a businessman and researcher and Chris Collins a mechanical design engineer, last year in the aforementioned garage. Shortly after the business was founded they brought in managing partner Adam Clark who left his job working for a defense contractor.

tangible solutions 3d printing

When they started, their business was fairly small and was averaging jobs worth only a few hundred dollars at a time, however that wouldn’t last long. The three-person company offers several 3D printing services, including 3D modelling and design, rapid prototyping, and additive manufacturing services of all sizes. They will also help develop a basic concept into a working prototype or product for you.

Within only a year Tangible Solutions has graduated from the small garage where they were founded to their new 2,000 square foot facility in Beavercreek Ohio. Their string of irregular hundred dollar jobs has now been upgraded as well, with a new client recently placing a $100,000 order.

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Clark told the Dayton Business Journal that if they continue to acquire jobs of that size they will be investing heavily back into the business by purchasing new 3D printers, adding new services and hiring new employees. He intends to focus on customer education, and sees that as the key to winning over new 3D printing clients.