Next Gen 3D Printer Extruder from German RepRap

Compared with its predecessor, the new generation Single DD2 Extruder by the ingenuity of the German RepRap 3D printing development department generates considerable advantages. The new Single DD2 Extruder offers a significantly higher torque than said predecessor: thus the plastic filament of the consumption material is transported easier and faster.

With the considerably increased speed of 100mm/s, all materials offered by German RepRap, and many by other suppliers, can be processed. Some filaments still yield good printing results with a possible speed of 130 mm/s.

The new extruder’s self-adjusting clamping device automates the process of locating the optimum contact pressure of the filament to the feed roll. Moreover, it is possible to create high pressure with the help of mechanical interlock. The clamp offers more operational advantages, as it enables simple one-hand operation during insertion of the new plastic filament into the extruder.

The mounting support is designed for 16mm diameter hot ends for not only German RepRap’s PRotos V2 and X400 3D printer models, but also on arbitrary 3D printers of other manufacturers. Due to its compact design, it is also suitable to be mounted as a dual extruder. The hot end inclusion is constructed in a way that both printing nozzles may be adjusted in height.

To those not yet familiar with the German RepRap 3D printers, they rate high on the wide list of RepRap 3D printers. The X400 has a large print volume of 400 x 400 
x 350 mm – close to International Paper Dimension A3 size with the broadest dimension also reflected in the Y axis. At €2259 it’s not a bad investment at all – for a deeper feel, you can find a link to the assembly instruction manual here. Also noteworthy is that German RepRap’s PRotos 3D-Printer Complete Kit is currently on a low special price of just €699.

DD2 Extruder3bThe DD2 Extruder costs:

€89.95 for PRotos, Prusa, other RepRap 3D printers
€272.51 for the X400 version
€118.94 upgrade from the X400 DD to X400 DD2

You can find German RepRap printers at the following fairs:

K 2013, Dusseldorf, Oct. 16.-23., 2013,
hall 11/stand A25 (Herz GmbH Kunststoff & Wärmetechnologie)

ElektorLive! 2013, Hanau, Oct. 12, 2013

Euromold 2013, Frankfurt/M., Dec. 3.-6., 2013
hall 11/stand E101

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