The Makerz 3D Printing Shop Opens its Doors in Panama City

The Makerz has only been open for a few months, but they’re already getting plenty of attention for their fantastic store set up. Located in Panama City, The Makerz is a 3D printer retailer that, on top of selling MakerBots, filament and replacement parts and supplies, also offers full 3D printing services to local clientele.

makerz 3d printing store

“Many tourists come to our store and are amazed by it, specially saying ‘I’ve seen 3D printing studios, but never like this, not even in [San Francisco]’,” explained The Makerz’ Ariel Yahni via email.

makerz 3d printing store makerbotAs a 3D printer retailer, currently The Makerz carries MakerBot Replicator 2, Replicator 2x, Replicator 5th Gen 3D printers, as well as the MakerBot Digitizer roundtable 3D scanner. They also offer a full complement of MakerBot filament spools, in all available colors and materials, and several 3D printing accessories.

In addition to retail, The Makerz doubles as a 3D printing service provider and can help you print any 3D model that you bring to them. Currently, they only offer prints from their MakerBot in a single color, however, according to Yahni, they are looking to expand into new technologies and printing materials very soon.

makerz 3d printing builds

Yahni adds that The Makerz will soon offer full-service 3D modeling and 3D design, with plans to aid their customers with simple logo design or help in creating complex 3D models for animation, prototyping purposes or to optimizethem for 3D printing.

If you live in or find yourself visiting Panama City, you can find The Makerz at Avenida Balboa Bay Mall Technology Plaza, Local # 3. Their telephone number is 507 – 3988121, and you can always visit them online at their website and e-store. You can also see tons of their 3D print projects and builds on their Facebook page and over on Instagram.