3D Printing Politics Conference, from the Makers of Inside 3D Printing

As 3D printing begins to alter all aspects of manufacturing, a paradigm shift is occurring that will force us, as a society, to reconsider the political and legal ramifications of this new technology.  With 3D printing’s ability to duplicate proprietary material, IP law may undergo dramatic changes.  While countries across the world engage in additive manufacturing at an accelerated pace, new trade policies will have to be drafted.  Digital manufacturing necessitates a new era of digital law and policies that could not have been anticipated before the beginning of this 3D printing revolution.  To help prepare for that paradigm shift, mediabistro is hosting their first 3D Printing Politics Conference in Washington, D.C. on September 17, 2014.

3D Printing Politics in Washington DC Banner

To answer the proposed question “is the current intellectual property system prepared to handle widespread distributed manufacturing?”, the event has gathered numerous experts, including politicians, lawyers, and industry members deeply immersed in the world of 3D printing.  From the political side of the topic, attendees will hear from Rep. Bill Foster of Illinois and Rep. Tim Ryan of Ohio, Chair of the Congressional Maker’s Caucus.  Both Congressmen are responsible for the nation’s first 3D printing institutes, Ryan for America Makes in Youngstown and Foster for the Digital Lab in Chicago.  And to address legal considerations, GE’s Executive Counsel for IP Litigation, Richard Rainey, and the industry’s favorite attorney, John Hornick, will also be speaking.  Additionally, a number of CEOs will cover business concerns regarding the additive manufacturing shift, including Daniel Faber at Deep Space Industries and Mark Hatch at TechShop.

Every new technology opens up new challenges and opportunities.  Whether you’re looking to enhance your business or to start a new one in the 3D printing industry, this event will ensure that you get the legal lay of the land, so purchase your tickets for the 3D Printing Politics Conference here.