IRA3D introduces Poetry X Center

Ira3D is a young Italian company founded in 2014. They aim at producing sophisticated and innovative tools that can change the way we live and work, namely a 3D printer called Poetry Infinity and new 3D printing filaments.

Their claim “Ira3D the natural evolution of a dream” goes on as “with Poetry Infinity, there are no limits to creativity and design, the possibilities are endless”

Now they introduce the Poetry X Center, which they claim is the first all-in-one 3D printing suite that transforms R&D in companies and universities: that’s ambitious!

Poetry X Centers comprise of Poetry Infinity 3D printers and their range of filaments, with multiple effects and means of application: soft rubber, natural wood, plaster, copper, bronze, high-resistance carbon fibre and the innovative graphene, the ultimate highly conductive material.

On top of that, they offer their own slicer software called Infinity Slicer, the advanced printing management software designed to suit different levels of expertise with parameters preset specifically for their machine Poetry Infinity.

Plus Poetry Academy, training courses created to meet the Client’s specific needs;

and Poetry Care, technical support and specialised assistance and included in the on-site installation.

The system also includes desktop machines to finish, post-process and metallize objects after they have been printed, to add value to every project.


Poetry X Center is meant to be a turn-key 3D printing system, and should accelerate the production and prototyping process, encouraging experimentation and creativity.

Alessandro Padrin, CEO Ira3D, says: “Research centres are one of the best resources of our time. And now is the time for us to be proactive.” and he adds “The transition towards a real R&D transformation requires a considerable amount of ambition, curiosity and determination. We firmly believe in leaving the world a better place than we found it; this is why we choose to support the best projects and the most brilliant minds of our time, for the sake of future developments, by providing the best technology ever”.

Poetry X Center initiative, created and promoted by Ira3D, focusses on creating an increasingly wider network, with the best range of integrated equipment to help universities take advantage of the latest and most advanced technologies that are changing the world.

“We are extremely excited about this initiative. Ira3D shares with R&D centres the desire for innovation and propaedeutic transformation, in order to benefit research and offer added value to every venture. In all production sectors. We hope the Poetry X Center project can give its contribution in helping research, which is an essential instrument for global innovation; we are committed to offering better tools in order for this transformation to happen smoothly, quickly and in the best possible way”.

In the past few months, Ira3D has made significant progress by launching Infinity Ecosystem, the first 3D printing ecosystem with its own user-friendly, high-performing software, plus an all-in-one system designed specifically to meet the requirements of all those entities that focus on research, development, creativity and innovation as their main points of strength.

No pricing scheme was disclosed at this time, but there is definitely some great value in a consistent set of products and services targeted at universities and large labs.

We will definitely keep an eye on it and see how this comprehensive set of products meets the market’s demand. Let’s us know what you guys think in the comments below.