Handy 3D Printing Size Guide from iMaterialise

iMaterialise, the popular online based 3D printing service and marketplace, has been running a series of Summer tutorials on their blog. And one of them specifically deals with material choices verses build volume.

Bert, the voice of iMaterialise, points out: “Every material has its own 3D printing technique and therefore its own set of design specifications including the printing size. An important driver in your design process will be the size of your design. Each material has its own machine which has a limited building volume.”

I.Materialise printing sizes plastics

For designers and 3D model builders, iMaterialise have created visualizations of build volumes for each of the material options they provide. Each graphic provides information on each material option including; plastics, metals and ceramics with its corresponding size in cm.

Anything that simplifies getting from virtual to the physical has to be welcomed, and as Brian says “In a next episode of the tutorial summer you can expect more tips and tricks on how to go from idea to kick ass 3D printable model.”

iMaterialise continues to be a font of knowledge for beginners and professionals alike!  Check out their summer tutorials here:


Check out the tutorial here