Zip-Bit Approved as Authorized Silicon Valley MCOR Reselling Partner

3D Paper Printed face Mcor

If you’ve never heard of Irish 3D print superstars, MCOR, then you probably should visit their site as soon as you’ve finished reading this article! Dunleer, Ireland based MCOR has a unique take on 3D printing – They produce the only 3D printers to print in full color 3D using ordinary business letter paper as the build material, allowing them to be cost effective and eco-friendly.

On July 10, 2013 – Mcor Technologies Ltd announced that they have appointed Zip-Bit, Inc. as its authorized reselling partner in Santa Clara, California’s Silicon Valley.

Recently recruited as Zip-Bit’s CEO, Geoffrey Doyle has over 10 years experience in Venture Capital funding various businesses, including 3D CAD software companies.

“The 3D printing industry has been missing an efficient, low-cost, full-color 3D printer for people who want to print realistic concept models early and often in the design and development process,” said Doyle. “Mcor 3D printers are the only ones to perfectly meet these requirements in order to rapidly reduce costs for professionals throughout Silicon Valley.”

Zip-Bit  will sell and service Mcor’s IRIS and Matrix 300+ printers primarily to product designers, medical device manufacturers and healthcare providers, as well as architects. They will also provide print services for consumers and professionals across the Silicon Valley area.

Dr. Conor MacCormack, co-founder and CEO of Mcor Technologies notes: “Zip-Bit’s proven 3D printing expertise, combined with their ability to assist early stage businesses and other entrepreneurs, will provide virtually unlimited business potential and bring affordable, professional-quality 3D printing to everyone in the region.”

Mcor has experienced huge growth in the sales channel from July 2012, with the number of partner companies increasing by 1200% growing sales to around 600% in the same period. This solid growth has by no means slowed their ambitions and the company continues to pursue an aggressive growth plan and continues to seek channel partners worldwide.

Check out the MCOR site at: http://www.mcortechnologies.com


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