The Geomagic Capture: 3D Systems’ Industrial-Grade 3D Scanner

We recently covered news about 3D Systems latest gadget, the Sense 3D Scanner, an affordable handheld scanning device compatible with the Cubify suite of 3D modelling tools. The company wastes no time, however, and has already announced a new product line. The company has now officially launched a new, industrial-grade scanner and software package, Geomagic Capture.

scanner specs Geomagic

The product, Geomagic Capture, is a design tool that pairs a desktop blue light LED scanner with advanced CAD software to perform seamless scans and model inspection. The scanner works with a range of programs including: “SolidWorks® and SpaceClaim® via plugins and connects directly to Siemens® NX™, Solid Edge®, Creo®, Pro/Engineer® and Inventor® via Geomagic® Design™ X software.”  It also sounds as though it’s pretty precise, capturing models accurate to .060 – .118mm, projecting 1 million points in .3 seconds, according to the company. This can be used to manipulate and modify real world objects in the virtual space.  More significantly, however, the company has released proprietary inspection software, Geomagic Verify and Geomagic Control. The former is meant for inspecting individual, unique objects, while the latter is used for automated inspection of multiple copies of the same part.

diagram Geomagic 3D Scanner
A comparison of Geomagic Verify with Geomagic Control.

You can purchase Capture, with accompanying plug-in software or Geomagic-specific software, in packages ranging from $14,900 to $24,900. It’s important to note, though, that the Capture scanner does not capture color data, but only geometries. So, while it may be far superior to the Sense in terms of resolution, its main purpose is for industry applications. The addition of the Verify and Control software to the Geomagic family is a great innovation from an industry leader, indicating the company’s desire to tackle the issue of quality control in additive manufacturing. It wouldn’t surprise me if, after displaying its Geomagic family at the Euromold 2013 show in Frankfurt, Germany this December, 3D Systems went onto announce in-process quality control solutions.

Source: 3D Systems