Dynamism Online 3D Printer Store

Dynamism, successful online technology retailer and producer of Japanese consumer gadgets site Gizmine, is the latest company to join the additive manufacturing fraternity by adding a 3D printing store-front on its website at Dynamism.com.

In addition to a section offering 3D printers made by 3D Systems, Printrbot, MakerBot and more, their site provides an increasingly customary range of prose and videos covering the essentials of 3D printing, links to related software and 3D file repository websites.

3D printer models available on Dynamism’s site include the wallet friendly $299.00 DIY kit Printrbot Simple Jr.; customary media favourite Makerbot Replicator 2; Cube and CubeX by industrial 3D printing giant 3D Systems; the new PP3DP Up! Plus 2; Type A Machines Series 1, and more.

Dynamism Online 3D Printer Store

Prices appear to uniformly match those of the manufacturer, which may explain the absence of some models from the US based companies on the UK website (think additional shipping costs). The sales are complimented by technical support.

General 3DP resources frequent the company’s ‘Explore 3D Printing’ page, including videos demonstrating 3D printing in action (will I EVER tire of the sound of FFF / FDM 3D printers? …no, really!), a slide-show displaying a range of objects that can be produced, text describing different aspects of 3D printing; including the differences between ABS and PLA plastic. There is also information on other standard, but required, basics on 3D printing.

The speed of uptake of 3D printing for retailers is now truly unmistakable, everyone from Amazon to Maplin to Bay to Staples are selling them now… a very different picture indeed from the start of 2013.

The speed of uptake of 3D printers, however, is what the ‘future-proofed’ range of retailers will now be watching. Let’s all remember: MakerBot, undisputed prince of home 3D printing, has sold 22,000 printers. Speculatively, could a bottleneck be approaching later this year, with many retailers and still not yet enough demand to match their anticipations?

And what will be the most popular platform to sell 3D printers on: Online retail? Smartphone apps? Indiegogo? Your local supermarket…?

Time will tell. But, until then, a toast to the latest member of the 3D printing industry.

What Dynamism Say About Dynamism

‘Since 1997, only one company—Dynamism—has driven the best Japanese technology to global consumers. Everyone who needs mobility should look at our notebooks. And, everyone who loves technology should look at our gadget and fashion superstore Gizmine. Our service is free with our products, and our products are priced to offer great value. Let us earn your business today. Dynamism has been serving tech-savvy shoppers and leading-edge corporations since 1997. Our track record of reliability and excellence, with more than a decade of consistently delivering the very best mobile technology coupled with unparalleled service, is another reason buyers choose Dynamism.’

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