Be the LEGO You Want to See in the World with 3D Printing

Making rounds all over the net is a British firm called Funky 3D Faces, a subsidiary of ELAT3D, for their fun and, well, funky, 3D printed heads mounted onto LEGO figurines.  The firm implements the now-time-honored method of converting several 2D photographs of faces into 3D models, which they then binder jet into full-color gypsum 3D prints. While this technique has been implemented by numerous firms to create 3D printed shelfies, Funky 3D Faces has hit the mark with their LEGO Minifigures product.

funky 3D faces 3D printed head on indiana jones lego

Available on the Funky 3D Faces site, or via their Etsy shop, the firm will 3D print a 15mm-tall copy of your head with a 5 mm hole on the base, making it perfect for sticking onto any LEGO figurine. Typically sold for $30.05, their Etsy shop is currently having a sale, with an overabundant number of question marks, that reads “!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BUY 2 HEADS AND GET A THIRD HEAD FREE – JANUARY SALE OFFER!!!!!!!!!!!”

funky 3D faces 3D printed head on lego bride and groom

For about $75, you can get a bride and groom cake topper that includes “both heads, the bride and groom lego minifigure bodies and the lego weddings arch, lanterns and flowers…” You can also have your head placed onto the body of a super hero minifigure, as well.

If Funky 3D Faces hasn’t found a unique twist on the 3D printed shelfie, I don’t know who has. All that’s missing, in my mind is, is that nub on the top so that you can stick translucent pieces or umbrellas onto your head.