Are you a Lucky Lulzbot Hackerspace Winner?

Lulzbot’s first hackerspace giveaway competition has been a roaring success. Over 200 people entered and impressed the judges with their creativity and innovation. The competition was open to community-operated hackerspaces who might not even have a 3D printer. Their mission was to come up with new and innovative ideas incorporating 3D printing technologies.

You’ll probably be desperate to find out if you are one of the top eight, but just to keep you in suspense a little longer, Jeff Moe from Aleph Objects (who are supplying the stunning prizes) wanted to congratulate the winners, “Everyone here at LulzBot has been blown away with the number of quality entries to the Hackerspace Giveaway – Seeing all the cool ways people are using 3D printers and contributing to the Open Source community reinforces why we are so passionate about what we do.”

After reviewing more than 200 entries, the eight winners of the first Hackerspace Giveaway were:

Freeside Atlanta (GA, USA)

Ithaca Generator (NY, USA)

FamiLAB (Longwood FL, USA)

Splatspace (Durham NC, USA)

Garoa Hacker Clube (São Paulo, Brazil)

Makespace Madrid (Spain)

hackerspace.gr (Athens, Greece)

Warsaw Hackerspace (Poland)

Lulzbot hackerspace givea

The projects submitted by these eight winning teams were truly outstanding. From public 3D design and printing classes to practical hardware improvements and inventions. And always contributing their knowledge gained back to the open source community.

These lucky and innovative 3D print hackers will each receive a  Lulzbot AO-100 printer. This open source hacker’s delight will come with a complete starter kit and 15 pounds of ABS plastic. The winners are very much encouraged to change, hack and adapt the hardware and the free software

Following this open source triumph, Lulzbot is already discussing future competitions.

Source: Lulzbot