FormLabs in the Final Furlong of Production

The first 15 Form 1 3D printers have been in Beta testing for the last 2 weeks as the FormLabs team iron out final bugs and fixes. The FormLabs latest blog post reports that most of these are close to their HQ in North America with a couple further afield. They also posted pics of some of them in-situ in their new homes — no reservations or coyness from these guys! Check them out:

FormLabs Space 3D Printing

The team has also revealed other work that has been going on behind the scenes ahead of shipping the high volume of pre-orders achieved via Kickstarter last year. The Support Site for Form 1 users, FormLabs say:

“We are proud to unveil our support site at support.formlabs.com! The information there is just a small start to what will soon be a large knowledge base for 3D printing.

Of course, having started on Kickstarter, we understand the power of community. This is why our support site is built with the long-anticipated Form Fan Forums! We can’t wait for you all to try the site, post in the forums, and help us make [it] the new home for this global community.”

A new FormLabs video is also available highlighting the entire Form 1 print experience from beginning to end, take a look below:

Introducing the Form 1 from Formlabs on Vimeo.