Museums in the 3D Printing Era – Gallery of Artwork and 3D Scans

Museums might be considered as general conservativeness-defining institutions by the (very) occasional visitor, which are more focused on metaphorical and literal dust-gathering rather than implementing the already passé hype words such as innovative and dynamic into their strategies at any level. This in itself is actually a breath of fresh air in the more and more globalized – i.e. homogenous – world, inhabited by the homo economicus and led by the image-building consultants using countless forms and outfits, but living completely in the past still might not the most sustainable solution. Many of these organizations dedicated to preserving and showcasing the history of everything have noted this and recently been more involved with new tech – especially 3D scanners and printers – and proudly publicly announced this gospel of a new paradigm for the masses to hear.

Today, to honor the museums’ capability to keep moving forward with the times, we’ll be showcasing a small selection of 3D scans from the Art Institute of Chicago’s Thingiverse page named Museum Love in 3D, which is curating a global collection of 3D scans from museums around the world for 3D printing.

[nggallery id=85]

If you want to see more, hit this link to land on the respective Thinigverse page.

Source: Thingiverse