3DPI.TV – Dentists Favor Stratasys' OrthoDesk 3D Printer

Stratasys continues to make strides across 3D printing, and the latest news from the company reports increasing demand from the dental industry for the Objet 30 OrthoDesk 3D. Testimony pours in lauding the capabilities and accessibility of the OrthoDesk from around the world.

Until 3D printing platforms like the OrthoDesk, 3D printing at the quality required by the dental world would have to rely on bulky expensive models. With Stratasys’ printer, dentists can create stone models, orthodontic appliances, delivery and positioning trays, retainers, and surgical guides at an affordable cost and in almost any size lab.

In conjunction with such accolades as the Dental Advisor 2013 Top Innovative Equipment Award and Dental Labs Products 2011 Readers Choice, a number of doctors are touting OrthoDesk’s logical accelerated acceptance.