3D Printing Village at Maker Faire NYC Will Be Populated by Makies

Makies may be the most successful 3D printed toy lines with their customizable dolls now sold at the world’s oldest and largest toy store, Hamleys.  And, as the 3D printed brand name continues its path of success, Makies is also continuing to expand their influence, their product line, and their website.  Just in time for the big Maker Faire in New York next week, the company has released a newly redesigned Creator app and will be preparing to launch some new accessories for the 3D printed doll.

makies 3D printed doll creator app with background

Next week, Makies CEO Alice Taylor will be heading to NYC,w here she’ll not only show off her company’s line of completely customizable dolls, but also the latest version of the Makies Creator, which you can play with here.  The new app allows users to modify every aspect of their doll, right down to the spacing, color, narrowness, and tilt of their eyes.  Naturally, you can choose skin tones, ear shape, and all the other traits a doll owner might care about before selecting a trendy outfit to stylize your Makie.  Then, you can buy your very own, personalized 10″ doll for $115.  And all of this can be done online or via their app for all smartphones and tablets. What 3D printed doll is complete without its very own 3D printed accessories? Also at the Faire, the Makie booth will show off some of its latest designs.

makies 3D printed doll accessories

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it to the Maker Faire to see the Makies, but if you are lucky enough, let us know what you find!