Zortrax Opens Mono-Brand "The Zortrax Store" in Warsaw

Although MakerBot’s experience was not so successful, as is sometimes the case, it was not a wrong idea as much as it was the right idea at the wrong time. Now that the business of desktop 3D printing is significantly more established, other 3D printer manufacturers are approaching the same concept of a mono-brand store. Sharebot just did it in Florence, Italy and Zortrax, in cooperation with its official distributor 3D Phoenix, has just opened a 3D printing showroom in Warsaw: The Zortrax Store.

Zortrax store2

The Polish company views it as an opportunity for professionals to better familiarize themselves with the entire 3D printing process, as well as broaden their knowledge on the latest 3D printing solutions offered by the company. Today 3D printing technology is becoming widely exploited by small and medium-sized businesses, as well as by professional design studios and individual designers themselves. Giving users the possibility to print-out prototypes, medical equipment or even automotive parts; 3D printing has become so versatile that it is no longer just a scientific novelty but a powerful technological solution for modern businesses.

“Our research shows that 8 out of 10 customers will decide on their purchase of a 3D printer after having examined its performance capabilities in reality. We would like our customers to be able to see for themselves how well-suited Zortrax products are to a work environment. The decision to open our 3D printing showroom wasn’t only business-oriented; we wanted to educate Poles.” said Łukasz Kaczmarczyk, CEO of 3D Phoenix.

Zortrax store1

The Zortrax Store, open five days a week from 9 am to 7 pm, is located at 4 Grzybowska Street. 3D Phoenix, Zortrax’s official business partner, is in charge of the running the showroom. The store is open to all professional 3D printing users, as well as to clients looking to implement 3D printing technology in their own business. The Zortrax Store will offer customers a complete range of Zortrax products for their M200 and Inventure 3D printers, including printing materials with different properties and Zortrax’s trademark Z-Suite software.

There is no doubt that the Polish 3D printer manufacturer, along with producing high quality 3D printers, also pays a lot of attention to the way its machines are shown, both on the media and in stores. It might just be a great time to go and take a look in person. I hear Warsaw is quite fascinating this time of the year.

Zortrax store5