ZMorph Brings Hybrid 3D Printing to the US Market

Over the weekend, at World Maker Faire NYC, I had the opportunity to meet with the CEO of ZMorph, Przemek Jaworski, and check out their awesome desktop fabricating platform. Their ZMorph 2.0 S Fabricator represents an all-in-one solution for someone looking for a hybrid 3D printer. With 12 interchangeable tool heads, combined with their Voxelizer software to navigate between them, the ZMorph could turn into a revolutionary product. Jaworski is so confident, in fact, that ZMorph plans to significantly increase their presence in the US.

Zmorph toolheads for 3D printing and more

The ZMorph 2.0S is a monster of a machine. It has 12 interchangeable tool heads allowing it to work as a 3D printer, CNC mill, laser engraver, 3D scanner, and food printer, among many other functions. One of the benefits of seeing it in person was witnessing how simple the process is to switch between toolheads. It literally takes less than a minute to go from using it as a traditional FDM/FFF 3D printer to using it as a food printer. I also had the opportunity to see the quality of prints in a variety of materials and, I must say, the results were excellent.

A variety of 3D prints from ZMorph
Prints made from a variety of filaments; top right: Coconut Wood, top left: Bronze, bottom left: Copper, bottom right: Biofila.

I also had the opportunity to see the three brand new tool heads that ZMorph unveiled last week. The new CNC Dremel is definitely more powerful than the previous iteration, giving it full milling capabilities. Additionally, the new food extruder not only allows for thicker materials, like ceramics, but has a removable syringe making cleanup or replacing materials easy. Of the new tool heads, the dual material, single extrusion toolhead is the most exciting. According to Jaworski, this tool head will allow people to print in multiple colors or multi materials, combining flexible with non flexible or conductive with non conductive. I was able to see a sample print, displayed below, and the printhead seems to be doing its job when it comes to mixing colors.

zmorph 3D prints at world maker faire 2015

Included in all of the exciting news was the fact that ZMorph will be increasing its presence here in the US. While they currently ship to the US from Poland, ZMorph recently announced a distribution deal with Ohio-based DesignBox3D. DesignBox3D’s President, Preet Jesrani, was even on-site with ZMorph to discuss the deal. In addition to the US distribution, ZMorph Sales Director, Tomasz Wykowski, informed me that ZMorph will be setting up an office in San Francisco.

ZMorph is certainly an exciting company to follow right now. With a product aimed at advanced hobbyists and Makers, the 2.0S is one of the most dynamic and diverse experimental machines out there and, with a price tag in the $1,900 (basic)- $4,000 range (everything), it’s an affordable machine. To learn more, check out the ZMorph website.