You’re a Real Bot Now PLEN2-cchio

An update is due for the creation by Natsuo Akazawa dubbed PLEN2. This articulate little 3D printed robot ran a successful Kickstarter campaign and will enter final production in a few months. However, many parents asked how to use the robot as a tool to teach their children beginner’s programming. Parents wanted to know if PLEN2 could have a simplified programming method, so that their kids could, not only put the bot together, but orchestrate its movements. The PLEN2 Project smashed their $55k funding requirement, and crafted an ingenious plan.

PLEN 2 3D printed robot plen motion editor

The PLEN Project Committee created a website for the PLEN2 community called PLEN Playground. The site contains two web applications called “Motion Editor “and “Scenography”. Motion Editor creates motions without the need to create code, and will eventually be available as a native app using the Unity gaming engine. Scenography is a visual language programming tool to help beginners learn logics structuring. Also, Scenography will be installable straight from PLEN Playground to both iOS and Android tablets in the near future. These awesome apps, created in response to customer concerns, will premiere on July 14th at a Japanese elementary school.
plen 2 3D printable robot scenography

Though the Kickstarter campaign has ended, pre-orders for PLEN2 are still available through this web shop. The first part of the PLEN2 kit, including 18 servo motors and control board, will ship in September. Luckily, August will bring a release of open source PLEN2 code, schematics, and 3D printable STL files to the public for collaboration. Should you decide to hop aboard the PLEN2 bandwagon, there is plenty to keep you entertained until the STL files are available for printing, or the pre-assembled kits are ready in December. For more information, check out the original PLEN2 article here or watch the video below: