XYZprinting Announces da Vinci Pro 3D Printer with 3rd Party Filament Support

Taiwan’s XYZprinting has been growing significantly, particularly in the past year, with their low-cost 3D printers, followed by news of a food printer and an Intel-powered, handheld 3D scanner. The company suggests that their sales were responsible for almost one quarter (22%) of total 3D printer shipments in the first half of this year.  Regardless of how affordable and easy-to-use their machines are, however, one complaint is always raised when their systems are mentioned: the use of proprietary filament.  News from XYZprinting should, however, satisfy some detractors, as the company’s da Vinci Professional 3D printer, announced today, will be their first printer compatible with third-party filaments.

The da Vinci Pro is meant to be a high-performance machine for office settings and larger networks, due to its wi-fi connectivity, heated bed, and 100 micron layer thicknesses.  The print settings are designed to be more flexible than their entry-level machines, to more tightly control printing temperature and speed depending on the material, whether that be ABS or PLA.  This will also come in handy for the Pro’s, possibly, most sought-after feature: 3rd party filament support. Other specs include a build volume of 200 x 200x 200mm (7.9 x 7.9 x 7.9″) , a single extruder, and compatibility with Windows and Mac, including iPad and Android devices.

Simon Shen, CEO of XYZprinting, says of the latest system, “With the ability to use all of the world’s new, diverse 3D printing materials, the da Vinci Professional will unlock countless possibilities to replicate a wide variety of objects.”  In his interview with 3DPI, Shen revealed a great deal of flexibility in his approach to the industry. Knowing that the industry is still a new one, he said,  “We are in a new era of technology. Hopefully, the da Vinci series survives in this interesting market for 10, 20, or even 30 years. But, even if it does not, it is okay. We are now contributing to this industry. People are into competition among companies, among brands, but in this new era of technology – in my daughter’s generation – people should be more open-minded to cooperate with each other, which means that a brand name will not be as important as it is now. Maybe they can make everything themselves. If that happens, why would a brand name be important?” 

For this reason, the shift to a more open model for its machines, when it comes to materials, is not entirely surprising.  Perhaps this flexibility will allow XYZprinting to be a more nimble company as it grows, unlike other businesses that might cling to the IP models that existed before the Internet. In turn, the products that the business releases could be improved much more rapidly, accurately reflecting the technology they represent.

If you’re heading to Maker Faire this weekend, you can see the da Vinci Pro at the XYZprinting booth in Zone 2 of the 3D Printing Zone.