Looking for something inspiring for the kids this summer? Well for anyone in or around London over the summer break, Technopop might just be a great option. Technopop is a Science, Technology, Design and Innovation pop-up exhibition that will be taking place at the home of the London Games as the Queen

Elizabeth Olympic Park reopens, and will run from 1st July through to 26th August.

Primarily aimed at children Technopop’s main objective is to enthuse young people in the worlds of science and technology in line with the national STEM initiative and to this end it will have a dedicated zone focused exclusively on 3D printing.

Details are still fairly limited, the website is coming soon, but this looks to be an exciting event that while covering a broad scope to promote all areas of science and technology with a view to highlighting career opportunities in this area, has identified 3D printing as a key enabler.

Hat tip to Martin.