The State of the Bioprinting Art Converges at Utrecht Conference

After the recent TERMIS, the world of bioprinting is now moving its focus back to Europe, as the Biofabrication2015 conference gets ready to carry on the excellent momentum since last year’s edition, which took place in Korea. “We expect over 250 participants, which represents a significant growth over last year’s edition, where about 100 people participated,” Lorenzo Moroni, one of the conference’s Co-Chairs, together with Dr. Jos Malda, told me.

earThe annual conference of the International Society for Biofabrication (ISBF) “Biofabrication 2015” is thus set to take place in Utrecht, the Netherlands on November 7-9. The meeting sees high-end bioprinter manufacturers such as RegenHU, as well as up-and-coming, low-cost bioprinter manufacturer Biobots, among its sponsor. Other top names include Organovo, one of the first companies to develop commercial bioprinted products, Nanoscribe, the producer of the only commercially available two photon polymerization (2PP) nanoprinter, the Professional GT (which is used in bioprinting for scaffolding) and bioink manufacturer CELLINK. Netherlands-based resin manufacturer DSM and several Dutch institutions and Universities are also supporting the event.

The goal of this meeting is to provide an inspiring 3-day programme that includes the state-of-the-art in the field of biofabrication as well as “out of the box” insights from related fields. The meeting will be of multidisciplinary nature and gather research leaders, scholars, clinicians and company representatives from around the world to exchange ideas on the rapidly developing topic of biofabrication.

ear2We are excited about providing a diverse programme, including topics ranging from novel biofabrication methods, technologies, and matrix materials to the applications of biofabricated constructs. Further, this inspiring programme will be complemented by a Young Scientists Forum,” the organizers stated. “Biofabrication will extend its impact on medicine and biology and accelerate its evolution towards novel concepts and practices through the convergence of biofabrication technologies.”

Online registration is open until November 5th with prices starting at €375 for students and €475 for professionals. This will go towards helping the ISBF in its core purpose of fostering scientific and technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity. This is achieved through the interaction and convergence of the different disciplines of the field of biofabrication, as well as between basic research and applied practice. This is more than enough to justify a trip to Holland.