SpaceClaim and Design Simulation Technologies Announce Integration of SpaceClaim Engineer and SimWise 4D

SpaceClaim, the US based creator of the innovative 3D Direct Modelling solutions and Design Simulation Technologies (DST) have announced that the two companies have integrated their respective products SpaceClaim Engineer and SimWise 4D. The newly formed integration will enable users to perform new tasks such as:

  • Perform world-class dynamic motion simulation
  • Perform FEA analysis on the model using the dynamic motion loads
  • Integrate the motion simulation with control systems for co-simulation
  • Conduct keyframe animation for sophisticated simulation results review

“By interfacing the predictive and smart SpaceClaim 3D direct modelling software with SimWise, our customers now have the perfect environment for developing products involving moving assemblies of 3D parts,” according to Jeff Arrigotti, DST sales director. “In addition, our customers will benefit from the straightforward way in which they will be able to edit and repair geometry using SpaceClaim Engineer.”

“SimWise has power and cost effectiveness to make up-front simulation a reality for all products teams no matter the size,” said Rich Moore, SpaceClaim VP of business development. “Using the interface with SpaceClaim Engineer, our joint customers can now ensure simulation is an integral part of the design cycle, resulting in better products and higher profits,” he added.

You can view the video for the newly created features at SpaceClaim-SimWise 4D page.