makexyz – Localised 3D Printing

A new internet based 3D printing service has emerged this year. It’s a really interesting (conceptual) business model that focuses on supply and demand in a very localized manner, with the central hub — the interface — being online.

The basic premise of makexyz is that anyone with a 3D printer, anywhere in the world, can register their printer at the makexyz website by creating an account and filling in a quick form that lists 3D printer details (capabilities, materials, volume etc) and location. Once on board, makexyz will send ready-to-print files from local designers, if you and your 3D printer are available, you set your price and then you print the parts and the maker picks them up or delivery is arranged. makexyz will then send the money and ‘positive maker vibes.’

The makexyz site is also the interface for the designers that want their parts printed – files can be uploaded directly. Makexyz organizes for the files to be printed in the designer’s local area and then organize delivery or pick up.

It’s a really simple idea, although I can see a couple of issues that might need ironed out, for instance once designers make contact with people with 3D printers in their area, why would they go through makexyz again? But the concept is engaging and I really hope to see it develop and grow into something great.