New hollow function added to the Slash

One of the Kickstarter campaign that we like to follow these days is the Slash, a new DLP resin printer at a price point under $1000 – well that is if you were lucky enough to benefit the earlybird, nowadays the printer will set you back $1,199 – which isn’t bad at all for an SLA printer.

They had a busy week-end: they crossed the 250 backers mark, adding up to a little over $240k, a massive success compare to the $50k target.

But on top of that, they also announced a new hollow feature. As they state in the comments of the campaign:

Our software team have been working hard to implement functions suggested by our backers and the software is continuously improving. The following pictures shows the hollowing function built into the Z customization, so our user can choose where to hollow and at what resolution at the same time 

Slash hollow function
Slash hollow function

The interesting point here is that this function was suggested by the crowd of the backers, in the comments of the Kickstarter campaign, and then developed and put in place during the campaign itself. Not like most would answer: yeah, maybe, later, bear with us… They thought it was cool, and feasible, and usefull, hence they did it. Showing a real attention to the users, which is a good sign for the future of the product.

And the campaign has still 17 days to run: who knows what other new feature they’ll be able to develop and implement in that time!

Go ahead: make suggestions! And see if you can influence the product 😉